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Media information

The London Beefeaters are happy to assist with your coverage of Beefeaters Football.  For information regarding team and player info, interviews, statistics, photos and press releases, please contact  Jennifer Annen 


All interview requests with players, coaches and/or staff can be arranged by contacting Jennifer Annen.
Players & coaches have been instructed not to participate in interviews unless they have been arranged through the team’s media coordinator.  
The London Beefeaters will not provide contact numbers for coaches or players without their prior consent.
Player interviews are normally scheduled either before or after practice sessions. Following games, players and coaches will be available for comment on the field. However, we do request a 5-10 minute ‘cooling off’ period before any interaction with the media.


Photographers wishing to have field-level access are required to contact the Beefeater’s media coordinator, Joanna Kurowski.  Photographers will be required to wear an Ontario Football Conference Field Pass.  Passes to be issued by the London Beefeaters.

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