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CJFL – Social Media Policy

Introduction: The Canadian Junior Football League (CJFL) encourages the appropriate use of social media by all persons bound by these guidelines to engage with fans, promote the sport of football, individual athletes and communicate with the general public and media. CJFL acknowledges social media is a broad and instant form of communication and treats all social media content, whether written, photographic, video, or audio, as public comment which is accessible to all.

1. Reputation: The challenge for all persons bound by these guidelines is to promote football in general and the CJFL in particular, including through the use of social media, enhancing the credibility that has been developed over more than 130 years of success on and off the field.

2. Privacy: It acceptable to talk about your club/conference/players and have a dialog with the community, but it is not okay to publish confidential information. Notwithstanding the executed release form (as part of the registration package), the material regarding players and those associated with the club must remain secure.

3. Postings, Blogs and Tweets: CJFL treats all written social media postings, blogs, status updates and tweets as public ‘comment’. As a result, all persons bound by these guidelines should not comment or respond to a comment in a way that may be construed as negative or may be considered derogatory towards others, or put themselves in a situation where they may harm their reputation, the reputation of their teammates, the CJFL or its members, including its sponsors and stakeholders or any other third party. Contravention may lead to disciplinary measures.

4. Photographs, Video, Audio: CJFL also treats all photographs, video and audio ‘material’ posted onto social media as public comment and accessible to the public. Any material that may be considered negative, derogatory or inappropriate towards persons bound by these guidelines should not be posted. Persons bound by these guidelines should also be mindful that material posted may be subject to property rights and all relevant consents and waivers should obtained before using any material that may be subject to said property rights.

5. Education: CJFL actively educates Persons bound by these Guidelines on the best practice use of social media and encourages ‘positive posting’ as a means of communicating via social media.

6. Liability: When persons bound by these guidelines choose to go public with any comments or material in any way, including on social media, they are solely responsible for such comments and materials. Individuals should be aware that they can be held personally liable for any comments and material that may be deemed to be defamatory, obscene or proprietary. In essence, persons bound by these guidelines post comments and materials at their own risk. Further, persons bound by these guidelines should at all times make it clear that any comments and materials are made in their individual capacity and that they should state whom they represent.

7. Monitoring: CJFL will monitor online content which could impact on the League, its member conferences, its member clubs, individuals in that team, as well as sponsors and stakeholders.

8. Infringements: In the spirit of educating persons bound by these guidelines about the appropriate use of social media, CJFL endeavours to work with individuals and members on the appropriate use of social media. CJFL reserves its right to take any other appropriate measures with respect to infringements of these guidelines, including issuing a “Remove” notice, imposing other sanctions, and or taking legal action for damages.

9. Amendment/Interpretation: CJFL reserves the right to amend these guidelines as it deems appropriate. The CJFL Executive shall be the final authority with respect to the interpretation and implementation of these guidelines.

10. Persons Bound by These Guidelines: Persons bound by these guidelines include athletes, coaches, administrators, employees, independent contractors and other CJFL members.