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All players must register using their legal name.

Players must provide to the Team Registrar, a copy of their ID & personal Health Card.  ID must show birth date, place of birth and citizenship.  A driver's licence is not acceptable ID.  The best ID is a passport as well as a birth certificate.  If you were born outside of Canada, you must provide either proof of Canadian citizenship, Permanent Residency or applicable Visas.  

If you played for another CJFL team in the previous season, you must provide a release from that team prior to registering with the Beefeaters.

If you are under the age of 18 at the time of registration, you must also complete a CJFL Underage Player Form.


$600/player + $42 Football Ontario Membership Fee. 

If you participated in the Winter Program and/or Spring Tryout Camp, you will already have this membership and will not be required to pay for it again.  If you are playing summer OSFL ball, you will already have this membership which covers you for the full year.

refund policy

Players who do not successfully make the team or withdraw from the program prior to August 9, will be entitled to a refund of season fees minus a $75 administration fee.  All refund requests must be submitted to the Team Administrator by email.  Refunds will not be issued until all equipment/property has been returned in full.

After August 9, no refunds will be issued.  If a player quits or is cut from the team, all equipment/property owned by the Beefeaters must be returned in full.


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